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Dimitriadis Apostolos
Plumber - Plumbing Installations - Heating Installations - Air Conditioning Installation
- Bathroom Renovation - Repair - Maintenance - Thessaloniki


Looking for professional plumbing services in Thessaloniki and the surrounding areas, Dimitriadis Apostolos stands out for the quality, consistency and experience he brings to every project. Dedicated to the plumbing industry since 2000, Apostolos offers complete plumbing solutions for every need.


Dimitriadis Apostolos covers a wide range of plumbing services, offering specialized solutions in plumbing installations, radiator heating, unblocking and air conditioning installations. Based in Thessaloniki, it serves clients throughout the city and surrounding areas, focusing its attention on customer satisfaction.

The feature that makes the plumbing business of Dimitriadis Apostolos special is its emphasis on high quality work. With a commitment to reliable results, correct prices and punctuality in appointments, Dimitriadis Apostolos always puts the customer at the center of his work. Their goal is not only to get the job done, but to leave each customer satisfied, with the hope that they will be recommended to others.

The services provided include the domestic and commercial areas, changes in taps, cisterns, boilers, water heaters, changes in sanitary ware, basins, washbasins, siphons, repairs in heating networks, changes in radiators, switches, pipes, washing of heating networks, chemical cleaning, kitchen sinks and household bathroom faucets. In addition, they undertake bathroom and kitchen renovations, new heating installations, solar, air conditioners, water meter pipe replacements, water pipe and drain repairs, as well as air conditioning, solar and plumbing service.

With the vision of their work being an advertisement in itself, Dimitriadis Apostolos offers specialized plumbing services with a guarantee of quality and reliability. Contact him to solve any problem of a plumbing nature and benefit from his experience in any kind of project.