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Repair - Maintenance
Dimitriadis Apostolos - Plumber - Plumbing Installations - Heating Installations
- Installation of Air Conditioning - Renovation of Bathroom - Kitchen - Thessaloniki


In Thessaloniki, Dimitriadis Apostolos stands out as the specialist plumber who undertakes repairs and maintenance with reliability and professionalism. With many years of experience in the field, Apostolos offers plumbing services that serve the needs of residents and businesses in the area.

The repair and maintenance of hydraulic systems require technical proficiency and commitment to quality execution. Dimitriadis Apostolos meets these requirements with the reliability that characterizes his work. Whether it is replacing faucets, checking leaks, servicing air conditioners and solar water heaters, cisterns, installing water heaters, installing sanitary ware, siphons, faucets, replacing radiators, switches, collectors, chemical cleaning of the heating circuit, washing radiators, installing water filters, or repairing damage to hydraulic networks, Dimitriadis Apostolos has the experience and specialized equipment to deal with any problem efficiently.

Our plumber is discreet, reliable and professional in every operation. In addition to repairs, it offers maintenance services that focus on preventive plumbing inspections, ensuring proper operation and preventing potential problems.

Based in Thessaloniki, Dimitriadis Apostolos serves customers throughout the region, providing fast and efficient plumbing solutions. If you are looking for a plumber with expertise in repair and maintenance, Dimitriadis Apostolos is the professional you can trust to maintain your plumbing systems.